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"Having a Postive Mindset Allows You to . . .
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. . . So that You Can
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When download the "Mindset Systems Workshop Webinar" you'll Uncover the Underlying Beliefs and Fears that are Holding You Back and Keeping You From Success and you'll Remove them Once and For All!  By the end of the "Mindset Systems Workshop" course, you will have 
a Postive, Abundant Mindset that Will Allow You to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
(or even -- the Business of Your Dreams!) effortlessly.  

The SECRET to Living the Life of Your Dreams has 3 parts -- 
1)  First, figure out what's holding you back, 
2) Next, use a simple 3-part formula for Designing what "Success" Means to YOU and putting together a plan that will get you there, and finally, 
3) Third, clearly SEE your success in your mind's eye and each day, use a simple 4-part formula that will allow you to manifest that success in your life easily.

You'll complete the "Mindset Systems Workshop" Course
armed with the tools that you need to 
manifest the life of your dreams in record time


From The Rolling Desk of Full Time RVer: Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen")


Dear Budding Entrepreneur:

If you've been trying to build a business for some time and you're not yet seeing the kind of results and success you had hoped for, then this letter is meant just for you!

In fact, this letter is likely to be a major eye opening experience, so I suggest that you stop what you're doing, grab a cup of coffee, and read this letter CAREFULLY!

You'll probably be a bit surprised by what I have to say.  But let me tell you, I know just why you haven't seen the success you've been looking for!

First, let me tell you what you don't need to see bigger results and more success...

... You don't need a bigger list.  It won't help you make much more money at all.
... You don't need more traffic to your website.  Even another 1,000 visitors per day isn't likely to bring about the success you've been looking for.
... You don't need new products to sell.  Even having your own products isn't likely to help you become a true success.
... No amount of work can get you the results you want.  I don't care how hard you work.  It doesn't matter that you've been working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
... You don't need to spend more on advertising.  No matter how much money you throw into your advertising budget, you're unlikely to make any more money than you do right now!

So what is it that's keeping you from getting the results you want?

"YOU are the Main Reason You Aren't 
Getting the Results You Want!  . . .
Here's What You Need to Achieve Success"

This is the part that may be a bit of a shock to you, but you need to hear this ...

The biggest reason for your lack of results and lack of success has everything to do with YOU!

In order to get the results you want and the success you deserve, you need to use the system I've created for living a life filled with abundant positivity.  There are 3 parts to this system.  These 3 parts  will help you achieve success only when you have:

  • Addressed the underlying beliefs and fears that are activated within you (these are things that are preventing you from getting the results you think you want).  Until you identify these beliefs and fears and deal with them head on, you're not likely to make any more money than you do right now.

  • Clearly visualized -- in DETAIL -- the outcomes that you are looking for.  This means that you must first start by determining your long term goals and based on those long term goals, you must work your way backwards to figure out your mid-range and short term goals.  Once you have your goals outlined in detail, then you need to use a 4-part process:

  1. You must affirm vehemently that you already have what it is that you want

  2. You must visualize everything that you expect to have 3 to 5 years from now.  You must be able to incorporate ALL of your senses into this visualization so that you can even smell what success means to you.

  3. You must make yourself attractive to what it is that you want (i.e. if you want a new Mercedes Benz, but right now you look like a homeless person, you'll need to start changing your appearance to look like a Mercedes Benz owner or you'll never have a chance at getting that Mercedes at all).

  4. And finally, you must take some action to get you the results you are looking for.  The action doesn't need to be significant at all.  It can be a mere baby step in some direction.  But it needs to be A STEP in SOME DIRECTION or you will never get the results you want.

  • Developed a lifestyle of abundant positivity. This means that you have both an abundant, positive mindset AND that your life is consistent with that abundant, positive mindset in every way.  (I'll explain more of what this means in a minute.)  

How can I be so certain that my system for living a life filled with abundant positivity will allow you to achieve ANYTHING you want including the results and the success you're looking for?

"The Story of How I Developed This System and 
How it Can Help You Achieve ANYTHING You Ever Want!"

I am certain that my system will let you achieve ANYTHING you want because I have used it myself!  

In fact, it was when I was only in the 3rd grade that I created a system that involved the first two steps of the 3-step process I shared with you above.  This system allows you to achieve just about ANYTHING you want in life or in business!

I've used this system myself to achieve incredible things in my own life and business.  And when I say "incredible", I'm talking about things that can even be considered "miraculous"!

I'm talking about REALLY enormous successes like ...

  • Holding an ELECTED Public Office at the age of only 12!  (Even before I was old enough to vote, I ran for public office and WON -- not once, but TWICE!)
  • Having the Rev. Jesse Jackson as a Student in one of my seminars ... at only the age of 13! (I taught leadership through the Catholic Association of Student Councils from the summer before 7th grade through all 4 years of high school.  My students included politicians, high school principals and college deans, and many other high profile individuals.)
  • Earning an Associates Degree at the age of 17 ... while I was in high school!  (I started my college career as a Sophomore in High School because I had run out of math classes to take at my school.  Before I actually graduated from high school, I had already been awarded my Associates Degree from a local college!)
  • Graduating from the University of Notre Dame Law School, after having served as Editor on the Notre Dame Law Review ... after leaving high school 6 months before graduation!

I was able to achieve all of these very early on in life by using just the first two pieces of the 3-step system that I've shared with you.

Over the years, I began to realize that there was something missing from my system.  Sure, I had achieved incredible things using it, but the system didn't take into account those curve balls that life sometimes throws in your way.  And, when life threw me a few curve balls, I quickly realized that I could only achieve some things -- not ANYTHING I ever wanted.

I had done everything right -- I had clearly outlined my goals and what I wanted to achieve.  I had affirmed that I was a success.  I had clearly visualized the success that I dreamed of.  I had taken steps to make myself attractive to my goals and I had taken steps in the right direction to achieve my goals.

"How My Death Sentence Allowed Me to Discover
The Missing Piece that Lets 
Anyone to Achieve ANYTHING They Want!"

But, despite my best efforts, the major "curve ball" life threw me stopped me dead in my tracks, well before I ever achieved all of my goals.  When it did, I soon realized that the system didn't allow me to achieve ANYTHING I wanted -- but only those things within my power.

It was from that realization that I finally developed the third and final element of the overall system -- living a life filled with abundant positivity.  And when I did, I was able to achieve truly ANYTHING I could ever want -- even if I wanted something totally miraculous!

Here's how it happened ...

My early plan was to be a teacher.  Not just any teacher, though.  I wanted to be a teacher that also made a lot of money.  Research told me that Law School Professors made more than any other type of teacher, so I decided I would become a Law School Professor.

At first, everything went just according to my plan, just the way I designed it... I got accepted to Notre Dame Law School and then got named to the Notre Dame Law Review.  

(SIDENOTE:  I was even on the Editorial Board of the Notre Dame Law Review at the same time Barrack Obama was on the Editorial Board of the Harvard Law Review.  In fact, our paths even crossed briefly during a joint project!  I never even considered that he might go on to become the President of our country!) 

When I got out of Law School, I was admitted to the bar in 2 separate states in only a few months.  Within 6 months, I was eligible to practice law in a total of 7 different courts -- an accomplishment that usually takes 5 to 7 years to achieve.

Even my personal life was going well.  I married my soul mate shortly after graduation.  We bought a house in a country club, right on the 12th hole of a golf course, in a gated community.  Not too bad for a first house, right?  That's truly a testament to the system I had created!

But here's where the "curve ball" came in ...

Only months away from starting my first job as a Law School Professor, life threw me that big "curve ball".  It came in the form of a serious car accident on the way to work one morning.  The accident resulted in 9 major back surgeries, more than 40+ operations in all, over almost 10 years.

I spent all those years in a hospital bed and wheelchair, unable to care for myself at all.  I couldn't continue with my legal practice.  I couldn't accept the offer to become a Professor at Notre Dame Law School.  In fact, I couldn't work at all!

Because the system for success was flexible, I could revise my expectation for success to account for the circumstances that life had brought me.

But what I really longed for was a way to achieve ANYTHING -- not just a way to achieve whatever I was capable of, but truly ANYTHING that I could imagine -- no matter what limitations I had!

As I tried to figure out what was missing from the system, I still had to deal with the astronomical medical bills that were mounting.  So at first, used the 2-part system to find another way to make a living -- this time from a hospital bed and wheelchair.  

I needed more than $40,000 worth of medications every month just to stay alive!  And, I had more than $9.9 million in medical bills over about a 9 year period!   So I started my first business from my hospital bed and was able to bring in all the money I needed to pay these bills.  

I never stopped on my quest to modify the system so that I could truly achieve ANYTHING that I could ever want, though.

But before I could find the answer, things got even worse still ...

This time, the "curve ball" came in the form of my doctors announcing that despite their best efforts, the incurable infection that I got in my first back surgery was now in my heart, my lungs, and my blood and was quickly going to my brain.  

When my infection got to my brain, the doctors said I would die.  Even though I was only 40 years old, that gave me only 12 to 18 months to live!

This time, no matter how flexible the 2-part system was, there was no way that I could simply revise my definition of success.  I was dying!  Where's the success in that?

When death is imminent, your choices just seem to vanish into thin air!

But as the saying goes -- "there's a silver lining in every cloud!"  And it was from this last, monumental "curve ball" that I eventually found the "silver lining" in the form of the missing ingredient in my system for success!

About 6 months after learning of my death sentence, I met a massage therapist whose advice led me to discover the missing ingredient -- what today has become the 3rd step in my system for living a life filled with abundant positivity.  

This massage therapist told me that I would not die as soon as I thought if only I could remove all the negativity from my life.  She explained that it wasn't enough to simply have a positive mindset.  That if I truly wanted to overcome my death sentence, I needed to have positivity in EVERYTHING.

At first, I couldn't believe that the "secret" could be so simple!  So, over the next 4 1/2 months, I researched the subject and tried many different things.  Eventually, though, I fully realized just what this wise woman meant... 

"What it Means to Live a Life Filled With Abundant Positivity"

When you live a life filled with abundant positivity, it is not enough to have a positive mindset.  You must have positivity in every single aspect of your life!  This means that you need to:

  1. Take only positive actions -- By definition, this means that you must remove negativity in your actions (i.e. no newspapers, no news on the television, no violent movies, etc.)

  2. Speak only positive words -- Again, this means that you must remove all negative words from your vocabulary (i.e. words like "But", "I can't", "Problems", and the like are no longer words that you use -- not EVER!)

  3. Associate only with positive people -- This means that you must remove all those who look at things with a glass half empty attitude instead of a glass half full attitude.  People who are constantly negative have no place in your life!

  4. Think only positive thoughts -- You cannot focus on worrying about what might happen, you instead need to focus on what is possible.  You cannot look at the little "curve balls" that life throws you as being more grief and stress.  Instead, you need to see them for what they are -- signs that indicate you are meant to be going in some other direction in order to achieve the success that you deserve.

This was truly the missing ingredient from the system!  It's what brought about what I refer to as my "miraculous transformation".

In all, after learning this missing ingredient, I stopped 42 pills and 4 continuous IV's per day, I went from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane to walking with no assistance at all (even though to this day I have no feeling in my legs and feet), I lost 68 lbs. without going on a diet, and in the end -- after only 4 1/2 short months -- not only was I no longer dying, I was 100% well!  

"My Gratitude Becomes YOUR Gift & YOUR Success! --
When You Download the 'Mindset Systems Workshop'"

Needless to say, I am forever grateful to the massage therapist for showing me that there really is a way to achieve ANYTHING I could ever want -- even surviving a life threatening illness.

Today, I've been able to perfect the system and fine tune it completely.  It's the system that I use today to build my successful business and to live my life as a full time RVer, traveling wherever I want, whenever I want.

Because I am so grateful for the gift this woman gave me, I feel that I must somehow repay that debt.  My way of repaying that debt is to share this system with as many people as I can!

That's why I created the "Mindset Systems Workshop".  In this 16+ hour multi-media course, you'll learn every single step of applying this simple 3-part system to your life and business.

You'll see just how you can achieve ANYTHING you want in your life and your business when you download this course and go through it from the comfort of your home or office!.  

This is the fifth weekend workshop in a series of courses.  Other topics included the "Traffic Systems Workshop", the "Blogging Systems Workshop", the "Joint Venture Miracle Systems Workshop", and most recently, the "Info Products Systems Workshop".  (You'll find more info about the other workshops in the "Courses" listing at Directions University.)

Without ever leaving home, you'll be able to see the exact steps to take in order to achieve ANYTHING you could ever want when you go through this 16+ hour multi-media course!

We recorded every second of the "Mindset Systems Workshop Webinar", so that you can easily apply every step to your own life and business and start getting the results and success that you want and deserve!

You'll walk step-by-step through flowcharts of the simple 3-part system and you'll even get checklists that make it simple enough for a child to put together a plan for achieving ANYTHING you want in your life and business.

The original 2-day LIVE event was completely recorded (both the visual portion of the event and the audio portion, too!).  You'll be able to refer to it over and over again as you begin to live a life filled with abundant positivity for yourself!

"What Will You Learn in the 
Mindset Systems Workshop Webinar?"

When you download the "Mindset Systems Workshop" course, you'll learn step-by-step, exactly how to:

  • Identify the beliefs and fears that are keeping you from the success that is your birth right.  You'll be able to easily shift these beliefs and fears to new beliefs that serve you so that you can achieve the success that you want.

  • Set your goals in a way that creates a roadmap to success.  Once you've planned your goals in detail, all you'll need to do is follow your road map one step at a time and you'll be assured of creating a life you can be proud of (and one that will make all your loved ones proud too!)!

  • Visualize your success in a way that helps to manifest the results you want.  There is really a right way and a wrong way to visualize things.  One way helps you get your desired outcomes faster.  The other actually prevents you from ever seeing those results!  You'll learn exactly how to visualize your success in a way that brings about results effortlessly!

  • Identify and remove the negativity in your life.  This is the first step of living a life filled with abundant positivity!  You'll learn just how to identify every single aspect of your life that is negative, and you'll see just what to do to put positive elements in place instead!

  • Develop an abundant, success mindset.  A scarcity mindset will keep you from getting results every time.  You'll learn what it means to have an abundant mindset and how to see yourself as being successful right this very minute!  When you have an abundant, success mindset, you'll see yourself as an expert so that others can see you in that capacity as well!  This is absolutely ESSENTIAL to your success in business.

  • Identify your personality style and your values. Your personality style and your values are a part of you that cannot e changed.  You must learn to use your style and values to your advantage so that you can become more productive and more efficient.  Another benefit of knowing your style and values is that your relationships will become more fulfilling and you will know exactly how to deal with everyone in your life.

  • Apply the Law of Attraction and the Universal Laws to achieve success.  When you understand how the Universal Laws really work, you'll be able to use them to achieve things faster and to get bigger results.  The Law of Attraction is just one of the many laws of the universe that you can use to your advantage!   You'll learn about many of them in this webinar.

These are the kind of results that my students see in their business every single day!  And they can be yours when you complete ...

"Directions University's
Mindset Systems Workshop Course"

In all, you'll have access to more than 20+ hours of recordings from the webinars -- including the mp3 video and audio recordings that were created during those calls!

Here's the outline of what you'll learn in step-by-step detail ...

DAY 1:

MODULE 1 - How Your Passion Applies to the Law of Attraction (1 1/2 hours)
Identifying Your Natural Gifts and Talents
What are Your Dreams?  (The 7 Key Areas in Life)
Creating Your Dreams List
Creating Your Bucket List
Prioritizing Your Dreams List

MODULE 2 - Goal Setting 101 (1 1/2 hours)
Determining What You Want in Life & Business
Using Your Long Term Goals to Create Your Mid-Range Goals
Using Your Mid-Range Goals to Create Your Short Term Goals
Creating and Using Your Goals Journal to Become More Productive and Efficient
Visualization for Achieving Your Goals

MODULE 3 - Identifying and Shifting Your Underlying Beliefs and Fears (1 1/2 hours)
What Underlying Beliefs are Activated Within You?
What Underlying Fears are Keeping You From Success?
Shifting Your Beliefs and Fears to Those That Serve You and Propel You to Success

MODULE 4 - Dealing With Common Beliefs and Fears (1 1/2 hours)
Shifting the Fear of Failure
Shifting the Fear of Success
Dealing with Beliefs About Money
LIVE Case Studies


MODULE 5 - Affirmations, Visualization and the Law of Attraction (1 1/2 hours)
Introduction to Quantum Physics and the Universal Laws
What is the Law of Attraction?
Using Visualization to Manifest Your Goals
Creating Positive Affirmations
Creating Your Vision Book
Creating Your "Order Form" For Success

MODULE 6 - Living a Life Filled With Abundant Positivity (1 1/2 hours)
Identifying Your Negative Actions
Identifying Negative Language
Identifying Negative People in Your Life
Putting Together a Plan for Removing All Negativity
Gratitude and Attitude - Their Roles in Your New Life
Applying the System to You -- Living a Life Filled With Abundant Positivity

MODULE 7 - Application of Goal Setting System
Working With YOUR Goals (LIVE Case Studies)

MODULE 8 - Your Personality Style & Values (1 1/2 hour2)
Working in Your Brilliances
Examining How Your Style & Values Affects Your Results
Using Your Style and Values to Become Efficient
FOCUS and Mindset

*(NOTE:  You can truly implement the ENTIRE system for absolutely NO COST whatsoever with the tools that we'll tell you about!   However, there are paid tools that will help you to either save time or get bigger results which we will share with you at a negotiated discount -- some of them are even free!)

For every single step of the process, you not only get a series of lessons from the Webinars, you'll also get mp3 video recordings of the webinar, separate mp3 audio recordings, checklists & flowcharts and access to a Private Member's Area of Directions University Classroom -- a forum where you can get answers to all of your questions! 

You'll get plenty of materials that will make it even easier to implement everything you learn in record time.  These include flowcharts, mindmaps, checklists, and worksheets!

You'll even get recordings from the 2 hour Q & A call held a few weeks after the original workshop.  In this second part, you'll learn how to go about tweaking YOUR new Mindset & Goal Setting System to get even better results. 

There is SO MUCH included that you're likely to spend hours just downloading it all!

I could sit here all day and tell you how phenomenal this program is, how great all the materials are, how it will not only transform your business into the success vehicle you have been dreaming about, how it will help you drive more traffic than you ever thought possible, and how it will help you grow a list bigger than you ever dreamed -- but why should you believe me?  You probably don't know me at all!

So don't take my word for it, listen to what a few of my current students have to say about their experiences as students in Directions University's Programs ... 


Anne & Steve Holmes
Anne and her husband, Steve, have a very successful website design business that they've operated for years.  In the past, Anne has actually designed coaching programs for other very well known "gurus" and has been a coach in other coaching programs that teach you marketing.

With her background, you would think the last thing she needed would be another coaching program!

Yet participating in this program has allowed both Anne and Steve to completely redesign their business and shift from a model that  has them "trading hours for dollars" to making money in a much more passive way, doing something they both love to do!

It has also allowed them to bring together the plans for 2 separate and distinct businesses (one for each of them) and harmonize them in a way that will allow them to leverage what each other is doing.

For the first time in the more than 10+ years that Anne has been in this business, she is finally building a coaching business all her own!  In the process, she will be able to touch the lives of an audience who need help the most, baby boomers whose incomes just don't stretch far enough.  As a result, Anne and Steve are each on track to bring in more than a 6 figure income in each one of their 2 businesses!


Jennifer Carter
When Jennifer first joined The IM University, she had planned on having her primary income source be a live seminar for Women Entrepreneurs in her local area. 

Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishments for her so far is that her business has been completely redesigned so that she is no longer focusing just on a local audience, but now on a global one AND instead of having only a single income stream, she now has a full profit funnel designed that will allow her to profit from a series of info products, free and paid teleconferences, her live event and a home study course that she creates from the live event. 

They are all tied together so that one leads into the next, making it that much easier to both manage and create!

Carrie Tucker
Carrie had just had enough of coaching problems when she first connected with me through Facebook.  She had just finished a program with a well known "guru", one that she had spent thousands on, only to be told that she should not follow her passion as a Respiratory Therapist to work with patients with congestive heart failure, but to instead go into affiliate marketing and sell oxygen related products.

Without knowing this background, during a Strategy Session I told Carrie that she was so passionate about working with this type of patient, she absolutely HAD to follow her dream!

She couldn't believe that I was making such a suggestion after being told the complete opposite by this "guru".  The thing was, following the guru's advice hadn't produced her a single result either.  So she had no reason to not at least try what I was suggesting.

Within 4 weeks, we had a completely new plan put together for her.  It's a plan that allows her to easily profit from selling a combination of advertising, her own information products, and affiliate products as well as make money through donations.

For the first time in years, Carrie is happier than ever before, more focused than ever before, living her life "On Purpose", and -- most importantly -- on target to bringing in a hefty 6 figure income by the end of the program!



Let's recap for a minute ...

When you download the "Directions University's Mindset Systems Workshop" course, you'll get ...

  • Access to the mp3 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings of the 20+ Hours of LIVE Webinars so you'll get to both SEE and HEAR How To Create Your Goal Setting System, Your Abundant, Success Mindset, and this 3-part system that will let you live a life filled with abundant positivity and live the life of your dreams!

  • Access to the mp3 video recordings AND the mp3 audio recordings Q & A Call from the 2+ hour Group Q & A Call where you'll get to see exactly how to tweak your new abundant, success mindset and how to live a life filled with abundant positivity for maximum results. 

  • Worksheets, mindmaps, flowcharts, and checklists to make it easier and faster to implement everything you learn!

  • Access to the Members Area that contains recordings to all the calls and all the other materials that go with each lesson.  It also contains an area that allows you to communicate in the Private Area of the Forum, to get feedback from me every step of your journey. 

  • BONUSES - You'll also get a copy of my "Miracle Motivation Package" including my 3-Part Goal Setting Course, and the "Master Key System" - a book that both Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey attribute to their own success (this alone would run you $37 but its yours FREE when you reserve your seat!)...

Here Are Your Bonuses . . .


"The Miracle Motivational Package"

INCLUDING:  3-Part Goal Setting Course
PLUS "The Master Key System" eBook

I don't care how much you know about driving traffic, building lists, or any other part of building your business.  There is one piece that you can still get wrong that can take a traffic pro and turn him into a penniless marketer, needing to get a J.O.B.

Do you know what that "one piece" is?

I'm talking about your mindset ... that "Law of Attraction" stuff that seems to be all the rage these days.

I was never a believe in any of it myself, until I came face to face with death (literally) following a 10 year long illness that left me in a hospital bed and wheelchair 24/7.

In spite of my doctors giving me only 12 to 18 months to live, I used this one strategy to throw away 42 pills per day, 4 continuous IV's per day, my wheelchair (then a walker, then a cane), and shed 68 lbs. without going on a diet ... and within 4 1/2 months, not only was I no longer dying, I was COMPLETELY well!

Because of the power of this one strategy, there was a side benefit that I had not planned on ...

My business literally EXPLODED, virtually overnight!  It was this one strategy that started people calling me "The JV Queen".

In the "Miracle Motivational Package", I share with you this ONE STRATEGY and give you step-by-step instructions for how you, too, can use it in your life to get truly anything you want!

Sales Letter Located at: "Abundant Positivity" 


I've never seen a single LIVE program under $1,000 include so much!  But absolutely NO OTHER program gives you so much undivided attention ... not at ANY price!

The great part about having this in a downloadable course is that you won't ever have to leave home to attend!  Heck, you can even watch it in your P.J.'s if you want!

This also saves you TONS of money on travel costs, too!  But you'll get the same great information -- in the same exact format -- as you would in a real live seminar in some fancy hotel!

Yet, downloading "Directions University's Mindset Workshop " course isn't even going to cost you 10% of what it would cost you to attend some fancy seminar in some far away city! 

Think about it this way, if you were to attend a Live Seminar that you traveled to in order to learn all this, it would cost you...

Here's What Attending a Regular 
"Live Seminar" Out of Town Would Cost You ...

Airline Ticket to the Event


3 to 4 Night Hotel Stay at $150 per night


Food for 3 to 4 Days at $20 per meal


Cost of Admission to the Event




Even at 10% of what it would cost you to attend a seminar in a hotel, you'd be spending $324.  But with the "Mindset Systems Workshop" you're not going to invest anywhere near that at all!

If you enroll right now in the ONLY comprehensive Mindset Systems Workshop Course that shares this ENTIRE system --- you can get ALL of this and MORE for a SPECIALLY DISCOUNTED tuition of $247 $197!

Where else can you find a 20+ hour course that teaches you so much, with such a low tuition?  Nowhere that I know of (and I've been around a long time!).

Right now, you have 2 choices really ...

You can continue to do the same things that you are doing right now, and hope that you somehow get different results.  Maybe you'll somehow have a small miracle and make a few bucks in a single week.

Or, you can do something to change what you are doing in order to force your results to change too and start living the life of your dreams and getting the success you want right now!

This means that your business will improve.
This means that your relationships will improve.
This means that you will be happier than ever before.
It means that you can achieve ANYTHING you want -- even things that seem miraculous!

The decision is really up to you.  But let me tell you this ...

If you don't change what you're doing now, it's unlikely that you're ever going to get more than a handful of customers to buy whatever it is that you happen to sell.  Even if you were miraculously successful at making sales, that doesn't mean that you wouldn't be leaving loads more money in your customers wallets instead of yours!

If you're not already getting the kind of sales that you want and need, then you're not going to make any more sales doing things the same way that you always have!

Sure, you could wait until next month or even the month after to get started and not invest in your own success.  But you'd be putting off getting results in your business  In other words, you'd be LOSING well over the small sum you'd put into your tuition right now!

If you wait, you'll also be spending even more on getting results in your business, buying all of those needless courses that won't teach you ANY of the strategies behind having an abundant, success mindset.  Most of those tactical things that you learn in those courses just won't work anyway.  

You could be happier than ever before by then!  
You could have your entire plan for achieving your success built by then!  
You could have better results than EVER before by then!  
And, you could truly be on the road to living the life of your dreams just like I do every single day!

How much longer are you willing to keep losing money every single day?

Download the "Directions University's Mindset Systems Workshop " Course Today!  

So here's what you need to do now ...



You'd be hard pressed to find a better value anywhere on the internet!

Competing programs provide you with recordings and videos, no personal help or assistance, and cost five times the tuition!

With everything that you get --

... the 16+ hours of mp3 recordings in audio and video format from the Workshop Webinars!
... the flowcharts, mindmaps, worksheets, and checklists to help you implement the lessons faster
... access to the mpe3 recordings in audio and video format from the 2+ hour Group Q&A call (including webinar recordings in mp3 audio format & videos as well),
... the Private Members's Area in the forum,
... access to "Miracle Motivational Package" including the "3-part Goal Setting Course" plus the "Master Key System" that both Bill Gates & Oprah Winfrey attribute to their own success -- all in downloadable format (this would run you $47 by itself!)

The truth is, you just can't get all this anywhere else at all -- not at any price!

Yet -- you get ALL OF THIS, including my help through the forum (based on my years of experience in achieving my miraculous transformation and other achievements), as well as instruction in Creating your own Abundant, Success Mindset, Using Goal Setting to Design Your Road Map to Success, using the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws to manifest your dreams in record time, and living the life of your dreams -- getting the success that you want and deserve --- for the discounted tuition of only $247 $197.

Download today and get started living the life of your dreams!



I look forward to helping you bring create your own info products  and establishing your information publishing business that you want and need to get your business growing faster!

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
Dean & Founder, Directions University



Here's the legal gobbly-gook that I am required to tell you ...

Terms of Purchase and Refund Policy

By Downloading the "Directions University's Mindset Systems Workshop " Course, you agree to pay the full tuition due at your time of purchase.  This may mean that you are agreeing to make 2 equal payments each 7 days apart.  You hereby agree to make  payment in full via PayPal in a timely manner.  All sums paid are non-refundable!  There is no guarantee that you will receive any specific results since your results are dependent upon your implementation of the strategies and techniques taught.  Should you elect to withdraw from the Program, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of any portion of your tuition.